Air Lyndhurst Live Recording VR Experience

Step inside Air Lyndhurst, one of the world's most renowned studios founded by George Martin in London, and experience a live orchestral recording with some of the world's best musicians. Filmed in VR during the recording of Immediate Music's TOC 5 trailer release, this VR immersion into a large scale recording session is not to be missed. Sit inside the studio with a 90 piece London orchestra and 60 voice choir, listen in to world class players in your own private session. A once in a lifetime experience not to be missed.

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In conjunction with the leaders of immersive storytelling, VRAD has designed a fully immersive positional sonic experience for United Airlines in flight VR series. Revolutionizing the way we travel, RYOT (recently acquired by AOL) has produced in flight experiences that include meditation, incomparable settings and sonic exposure that takes you to a whole new level of traveling. To be released exclusively on United Airlines in December.

RYOT Films: "Bashir's Dream"

Bashir's Dream centers around 14-year-old Syrian boy Qusai Bashir Masaama, who was shot in the back by a sniper while on a candy run. As a result, Qusai is confined to a wheelchair, with dreams of playing basketball and traveling abroad for better care and better education. 

Produced by RYOT Films, VRAD was responsible for creating impeccable sound quality in a fully immersive head positional environment creating sound design and mixing the final product to help tell this moving and important and important story.

Huffington Post’s RYOT was founded in 2012 by Bryn Mooser and David Darg, who are both filmmakers and humanitarians. After seeing how social media had the power to bring people together around world events, they wanted to find ways to bring the news closer to the people receiving it. So Mooser and Darg turned to 360 and VR technology to create immersive VR documentaries. By working with HuffPo’s global news desk, they are creating the world’s largest 360-degree and VR news network.

Vision3 Experiential: The Future of Entertainment

VRAD was recently hired to consult with Vision3 Experiential in creating sound for their dome experience, the future of real world VR entertainment. Vision3 Experiential is a company that brings together some of the greatest minds in traditional entertainment, design, technology and theme park experiences to redefine and innovate a new entertainment and ‘edutainment’ paradigm.

Their team has years combined experience in cutting edge feature film, television, documentary content and technology development, including state of the art visual effects and optical 3D. From the smallest experience to a vast collection of rides, interactive events and educational opportunities, we are shaping what 'theme parks' are from the foundation up. Engaging content mixed with superior technology platforms means truly ‘existing’ in worlds you never thought possible. By bringing together ideas, people and innovation from a diverse array of disciplines, V3E is literally crafting the next generation of entertainment.

VRAD will act as a key partner in designing and implementing the sound at Vision3's immersive dome environments.


U2 In VR

VRAD founder Greg Townley mixed the first of its kind Virtual Reality experience for U2. “Song for Someone” is a revolutionary and groundbreaking sonic experience in immersive audio and mixing. Directed by Chris Milk for his company VRSE.

Filmed  in 11 countries all over the world, from France to Thailand. It won the 2016 Vision Summit award for Best Live Action VR Experience.

Another huge band joins Apple Music ranks this week, as U2 has revealed a partnership with the company. Unlike many music-based VR experiences that run on mobile HMDs, this new piece works with the PC-based Oculus Rift, though can also be viewed on the former. The video consists of a 360 degree Virtual Reality video in which viewers can watch band members Bono and The Edge perform ‘Song for Someone’ to the camera. The video is shot in a range of  locations, including some fan’s homes and inside an arena that the band played at during this most recent tour. 

The video was created by VRSE, the VR production company behind some of the most well-known 360 videos  such as Clouds Over Sidra. For those that won’t get a chance to see the experience on-location it can also be viewed on mobile devices via the Vrse mobile app on both iOS, Android and Gear VR. It can then be played from within the Gear VR or Google Cardboard compatible HMDs for free.

VRAD Teams with HuffPost RYOT & Clorox

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Clean and readily available water is something we take for granted, but there are places around the world that aren't so fortunate. Safe Water is an initiative that empowers communities like Piura, Peru by giving them the tools they need to make their water drinkable again.

Using a dynamic 360 mix, created with our personalized workflow, VRAD and the creative producers at RYOT come up with this immersive sound and experience. End to end delivery also included the 360 spatial mix. 

Here at VRAD we are proud to partner with organizations such as RYOT creating humanitarian, thoughtful and cutting edge work.